About Us

About Us


AFFAQ AL-BASRA engineering and construction company, founded in 2004, launched to support and provide services in so many active sectors such as civil work, workers, rental equipment', oil services and material supplies. The company has been involved in many general contracting and services activites in recent years. AFAQ AL-BASRA also has very diversified specialized business activities. In a region where industrial development is crucial to economic propsperity, AFAQ AL-BASRA engineering and construction has earned the confidence and respect of client's by delivering high standards of service and business Quality.

Our Message

The company's team of teamwork, according to the expertise of its staff and specialized renewed his ideas in the implementation of construction projects and projects of electricity and mechanics in turnkey projects (Turnq (from design through planning, testing and access for delivery and the end of the maintenance g, and the support of Fast Company for Construction and Consulting In addition to infrastructure projects, starting from the treatment of water and sewage networks and slaves to power down to the infrastructure. Our company ensures quality both in turnkey projects or maintenance projects were civil, electrical and mechanical works. Lay it out for possession of Hkurtna equipment Allazemhoamtlakea study the economic Aljdoh. All of this contributes to the success of our business and our projects.


CLIENT: Deliver total solutions services that surpass customer expectations in value and every aspect of customer satisfaction. Flawless deliveries of services are every employees attitude. Proactively reinventing to meet the highest quality of operational standards. PARTNERS: Corporate responsibility best practice is firmly embedded in our company’s values and throughout our policies. PEOPLE: Cultivates our employees growth and development, nurture them in an environment where excellence, integrity, teamwork, professionalism and performance are valued above all else. PORTFOLIO: Striving always to be the best of what we are today….tomorrow….